Global Intellectual Property Services

We provide intellectual property law services for our clients around the world including:

Chinese Patent Law

We have an extensive understanding of Chinese patent law, fluency in Chinese business culture, and a physical presence in several key technology hubs.
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Competitive Analysis

We provide analysis of your competitive landscape so you can protect your IP and secure your competitive advantage in the marketplace.
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Whether you seek federal or local protection of your copyrightable works, we will provide the essential advice and guidance to ensure the appropriate legal protection is obtained.
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Due Diligence

We have conducted successful due diligence investigations for large and small clients.
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International Patent Protection

We assist our clients with obtaining patents both in the United States and throughout the world. Learn More

Licensing and Agreements

We can draft and negotiate complex licensing agreements that adhere to contract law and intellectual property law principles.
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Opinions and Counseling

Our team can advise on design-around possibilities, pre-litigation strategies, and ways to maximize intellectual property portfolios.
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Patent Protection

We specialize in protecting the intellectual property of small, medium, and large companies through the procurement of patents.
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Portfolio Management

Our team can catalog your intellectual property coverage so you can quickly see products protected, protection needed, and where it can be discontinued.
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Trade Secrets

Our team can help you evaluate the benefits and trade-offs of securing trade secrets and how your organization can best utilize the protections afforded by trade secrets.
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We're experienced in trademark law, including clearance, acquisition and enforcement as well as in securing copyrights to protect tangible work products.
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