Vivacqua Crane strives for diversity in the workplace as well as within the community. We recognize that a diverse workforce provides our firm with a broad range of knowledge, experience, and strengths. Our firm values the essential role that diverse perspectives contribute to our workplace and to our ability to successfully represent our clients. We encourage a diverse range of thoughts and opinions to maintain the strength of our firm. 

Vivacqua Crane has implemented a number of diversity mechanisms to ensure that our firm culture stays inclusive, balanced and strong. For example, our firm has implemented the following:

·       A firm-wide diversity strategy, setting diversity-related missions and goals.

·       A diversity committee to champion the efforts made to achieve the goals of our diversity              strategy.

·       A diversity director to chair the diversity committee and lead in the achievement of the                goals of our diversity strategy.

·       A mentoring plan for mentorship of our diverse attorneys.

·       Diversity training for our attorneys and staff.

·       A resource group that provides resources to our diverse attorneys, thereby supporting                  their legal practice, morale, and inclusion within the firm

“Our clients are as diverse as the products they invent and sell, and we believe better client outcomes are aided by diverse representation. At Vivacqua Crane diversity is a central organizing goal. Diversity of thought and mind are reflected by diversity of experience, backgrounds, and perspectives.  Therefore, our law firm prioritizes the consideration of women and diverse attorneys in all hiring decisions and leadership positions.” 

-Steven L. Crane, Principal at Vivacqua Crane